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Marble Hill Reunion Group Pushes to Revitalize Community

By Tanisia Morris - The Riverdale Press

Posted 8/21/2014

Filmmaker Shares Art At Marble Hill Church

By Maya Rajamani

Posted 5/7/2014

Marble Hill Reverend Calls For Unity

By Shant Shahrigian

Posted 2/26/2014

Urban Uplift: Sanctuaries For The Spirit 

By Holland Cutter - New York Times

Posted 12/24/2009

Historic St. Stephen’s Edges Closer To Goal

By Kevin Deutsch - The Riverdale Press

Posted 5/21/2009

Pastor Hopes To Restore St. Stephen's Faded Beauty

By Kevin Deutsch - The Riverdale Press

Posted 2/12/2009

Saturday School: How Sweet The Sound

By Adam Wisnieski - The Riverdale Press

Posted 5/17/2012

Reverend Breathes Life Into Aging Church 

By Kevin Deutsch - The Riverdale Press

Posted 2/12/2009

Bronx Congregation Works To Restore Old Church

By Roger Clark - New York 1

Posted 3/1/2009

47 Years Later, Protester Recalls Fanfare For Freedom

By Maria Clark

Posted 2/25/2010

Historic Church's Prayers For Funds Are Answered

By Maria Clark - The Riverdale Press

Posted 2/8/2010

1 To 225th St--Marble Hill

By Barry Schwartz

Posted 6/25/2008

Neighbors battle to save beloved

By Maya Rajamani - Riverdale Press

Posted 1/21/2015

Save Rosey's Barbershop

By Shant Shahrigian - Riverdale Press

Posted 1/29/2015

Landlord evicting longtime barber in Marble Hill

Bronx 12 News

Posted 1/22/2015

Beloved barber staves off closure

By Nic Cavel - Riverdale Press

Posted 5/21/2015

St. Stephen's Church launches Third Eye student film festival

By Isabel Angell - Riverdale Press

Posted 7/2/15

Residents upset with trash cans removed from West 228th Street

Reported By Kristie Reeter - Bronx 12

Posted 10/12/2015

Thanksgiving comes early at St. Stephens

Reported By Adrian Fussell - Riverdale Press

Posted 10/28/15

Petition demands better lighting for Broadway Bridge

Reported By Isabel Angell - Riverdale Press

Posted 11/11/15

Warmth abounds at St. Stephen’s

Written by Jennifer Scarlott and Mary Heming - Riverdale Press

Posted 02/03/16

“My heart is at war with my feet.”

Written by Jennifer Scarlott

Witness/Rural & Migrant Ministry

Posted 05/26/16

Jazz-playing pastor keeps the faith and the beat

Written by Sam Hodges

Posted 11/09/16

Marble Hill Reverend releases new Jazz CD

Written by Lisa Herndon

Posted 01/17/2017

Best of The Bronx: Riverdale Pastor releases CD

Reported by Amiee Rodriguez

Posted 02/06/2017

Marble Hill Church celebrates nearly 200 years of service

Reported by Anthony Carlo

Posted 02/27/2017

Preaching the Gospel, Jazz Riffs and All

Reported by Corey Kilgannon

Posted 04/07/2017